Some of my stuff is in boxes. The rest of it either belongs to someone else now, or is on its way to a landfill. I’ve moved eight times in nine years and packing still isn’t any more fun.

All that stuff I threw away, stuff I thought I owned, it turns out I was actually renting. That $500 futon lasted two years, which works out to $20/month. I did better with my steel table, which I bought from a restaurant supply store on the Bowery in 2010 and kept for almost three years. $5.88/month. Some lamps, two pairs of shoes, some clothing, all rented, for somewhere between $1 and $10 monthly.

The only things I actually own are the things I’ll keep forever, which right now I can count on one hand: two guitars, one amplifier, a corkscrew, and a teddy bear.

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